tofu-magazine was founded in 1999 in Hong Kong, two years after sovereignty of the territory was passed from Great Britain to China. The original purpose of the project was to produce a cross-cultural publication aimed towards all forms of creative expression: everything from journalism to contemporary art, fashion to politics. A broad spectrum of contributors provided the record of a society in flux and served to help generate global interest in Asian sub-culture.

Published primarily in the English language, the very first issue of tofu was distributed throughout Asia (Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan), Europe and the US. By the time the third issue was published in November 2000,  in spite of positive feedback and growing interest, the publication was suspended.
The web site http// was the continuation of the initial tofu project, delivering archival articles along with newly created material,including the monthly webzine mini-tofu, Asian Beat, a page on which could be found digitalized versions of rare records from the sixties and a Film & Video section with non-commercial / under-exposed  movies (shorts, experimental, art, documentaries).

* The magazine was created with early versions of Illustrator and freehand. The original files cannot be open with the lastest version of the Adobe softwares as well as the Flash files created for the web site. This page will be updated when a way has been found to open these documents

tofu-magazine no1 / Hong Kong Calling -72 pages
- XPer. X.r "The owls are not what they seem." by Frédérique Decombe
- No Art! international fine art moratorium project, J.C. Garrett
- This is Tokyo, This is a Party by Simon Bartz
- Rensis Ho / photographer, 5 young Hong-Kongers portraits
- Zhou Thie-hai by David C. Robinson -the Chinese artist’s subversion of commercial iconography
- Sam Lee by David C. Robinson -the lead male role in "Made in Hong Kong", photo: Ann Woo
- Anne-Iris Guyonnet -A photo-shoot with the Paris based Korean fashion-designer Sun Young Song
- Bruce Lee: Part 1 of a Bruce Lee’s portrait gallery by artists from Paris, Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo -Loulou Picasso, Kiki Picasso, Phong Ld, Romain Slocombe, Kary Kwok
- Wong Kar Wai "6 Hong Kongs in search of a negative director" by Ivan Yau
(The article is illustrated by "Summer in Beijing" posters projects)
- Martin Margiella’s bacteriological experiments
- 22’ 15’’ N, 114’ 10" E by Rémi Leclerc
- Cyclo An interview with Sean James Rose, publisher of the French/Vietnamese magazine by Balthazar Gibiat (French)
- Jean Luc Moulène -2 photographs produced by French artist from an exhibition at Taipei museum of fine arts
- Shinro Otake -the Japanese artist/graphist from his numerous published works , by Colas Meulien )
- Cockroach by Ivan Yau -An interview with artist/publisher Craig Au Yeung on the launch of his magazine
- A paper-plane in the shape of the Venus sign, with a history of the symbol’s origins , article and design: Ipso Facto
- Kary Kwok "The Go-Between" -on the photos which are collected in Hong Kong based photographer’s new book: 106 Men, 69 Women and 10 in between , by Hiram To

tofu-magazine no2 / The commercial issue

-100 pages
- Hsia Yu Fusion Kitch
-Fabien Lerat A16
- When Art and Security Meet by Olivier Petitpas -An interview with Icebreaker ‘s members
- Japan electronica by Colas Meulien
- Reine Graves -Contrast by Jacques Henric
- Kary Kwok -Life in a Day
- Jun Jieh Wang -Commercial Breakdown by David Robinson
- Pop Saves Hong Kong by Benedict Leung , photos Ann Woo
- Kowloon Wall City -Darkness At The Edge Of Town by David Robinson , photos Greg Girard and Ian Lambot
- Mian Mian -A Vampire Chronicles by Gary Jones -The Shanghai writer from her cult classic La La La
- HK / art: White Balancing Young Hai by Pamela Kembler
- London / fashion: Kary Kwok / Jason Leung London designer as seen by 2 HK artists
- Mirco Taliercio -False Friends, a fashion shoot with Thai transsexuals
- tofu by Eric Hillaire -Definition and etymology
- Mandopop by Christiaan Virant -News from the alternative art and music scene in China
- This is Tokyo This Is A Party by Simon Bartz
- Bug by Colas Meulien
- Lily / Ted Yeung / Hoi Chi -comics
- Nobuyoshi Araki -Photography, Sex and Life , by David Frazier -On Araki’s exhibition at Taipei Fine Arts Museum
- Isabelle Waternaux -Han (6 polaroids portaits)
- Sophie Hong -6 Taiwanese personalities’s dressed in Sophie Hong clothes , photos Virgile Simon Bertrand
- Mambo Girl by Paul Fonoroff An article on the mandarin mambo musical in the early sixties
- Bruce Lee Part 2 -6 Bruce Lee portraits by artists from France, Hong Kong and Japan
- tofu-magazine #3 THE COLLISION ISSUE -112 pages

tofu-magazine no3 / Collision

-112 pages
- Naoya Hatakeyama -The Blast Serie
- Cai Guo Qiang -Traces and Other Impacts By Valerie Portefaix
- Pieces Left at the Scene of the Accident. An Apology to JG Ballard" by JC Garrett
- The 1975 Ant Farm Performance "Media Burn"
- Philippe Blenkinsop -The Cars Who Ate Bangkok
- Sylvie Fleury -She Devil on Wheels
- Remaking Hong Kong -The 1967’s People Revolution by Peggy Lee
- Homes for China -Model for a new Society By Gutierrez & Portefaix
- The Further advantures of Cupcake -J C Garrett
- Geneticaly Modified Tofu by Peggy Lee
- This is Tokyo This is a Party by Simon Bartz
- Fredox, Quand la santeé va Tout Va... by Colas Meulien
- Taipei: Public Art When Art and Goverment Clash by David Frazer
- The Collision Soundtrack
- Power To the Panecakes by Damon Caldwell and Tara Sinn
- La Tempête -Anne Iris Guyonnet
- Budapest -Mirco Taliercio
- 8pp -Les Suen

Deep Fried
- Chicks on Speed By Su Au
- Vanity Fair by Sally Lai
- Oil Street by Sally Lai
- Mao: From icon to Irony? by Eric Hilaire