The name Eden Olympia was chosen in reference to JG Ballard book Supercannes and to Maurice Girodias’ publishing house Olympia Press. The name was to be that of a publishing company, in the continuity of tofu-magazine, but for lack of means this project did not succeed. I kept it when I first made a web site to show my photography work.

I learned the basics of photography at the National School of Fine Arts in Bourges in 1976. There I became friend of a student, Philippe Batrosse with who I share the same interest for art. We both came to the conclusion that we were wasting our time in that school and moved to Paris. 1977 was the year of the emergence of punk and we were part of the Parisian punk scene. We had style, pointed shoes and always a pocket edition of a book by W. Burroughs slipped into the pocket. Some of the photos from this period are visible under the title Early works.

As a teenager, I had interest in the West coast psychedelic movement and always dreamed of going to the United States. In 1979, I collected enough money to buy a plane ticket to fly to San Francisco where I spent 6 months. There was nothing left of Haight Ashbury, but a super creative musical and artistic scene had developed. This was the place to be! I met the artist/musician JC Garrett, who became my best American friend and later a contributor to Tofu-magazine. I traveled to Mexico and on my way back to France I stopped in New York and by coincidence met Rudy Stern, the owner of the gallery Let There be neon on East Broadway. I was appointed to be the designer for the Parisian branch of the gallery he was opening in Paris. I stopped doing photography around that time. The images from the period 1976-1984 are presented in the Pre-digital series.

After studying painting in Brussels and Venice, I worked in Paris as a free-lance artist and produced large murals and architectural trompe-l'oeil. I was commissioned for the first time in Asia in 1994 and decided it was definitely a place worth to live. I settled in Hong Kong in 1997 and created the company Dazibao with graphic designer Daniel Gé. We founded together tofu-magazine. Archives of the magazine are visible in the Publishing section of the site.

From that time I spend my time working on various projects between France and Asia and traveled in South East Asia. I particuliary appreciated Cambodia where I made several trips.  2 series are presented on the site in the Kampuchea section.

I returned to photography in 2008. It coincides to the time I moved to Japan. The images produced since are presented on this site under the title Japon 2008-2018.